Awards of Merit

In recognition of outstanding volunteer support of Easter Seals NB:

2013 Corey MacLaughlin

2012 None

2011 Janice Wopling

2010 The Bargain! Shop, Woodstock, NB

2009 Suzanne Jones

2008 Rhonda Rubin

2007 Claire Wright, CTV Moncton

2006 Leota Forbes-Hill

2005 Ruth Giberson

In recognition of distinguished leadership in support of Easter Seals NB fundraising efforts:

2014 Lawtons Drugs

2013 Belinda Whittaker

2012 Randy Tracy, Tracy's Martial Arts

2012 Geoff MacDonald - Kobukan

2012 Robin Geneau - Upper Miramichi Tae Kwon Do

2012 Kris McGrath - Joe Fournier's Martial Arts

2011 NB Federation of Snowmobile Clubs

2010 None

2009 Lazare Breau

2008 Jody Tower

2008 Marjorie Urban

2007 Glendon Wood

2006 Mark Arsenault

2005 Yvon Poitras

In recognition of exceptional volunteer service given to Camp Rotary:

2014 Donald & Nicole Tupper

2013 Janice Wopling

2012 None

2011 None

2010 None

2009 Barb Wishart and Michael Hines

2008 4 Engineer Support Regiment - Canadian Forces Base Area Support Group Gagetown

2007 Michelle Banks

2006 Mary Grant

2005 Laurie Menzies

In recognition of leadership in the development of services to persons with disabilities in New Brunswick:

2013 Field of Dreams, Moncton

2012 None

2011 Brunswick Accessible Taxi

2010 None

2009 Christine Plourde

2008 Department of Education, NB

2007 Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation

2006 June E. Hooper

2005 Yan Meunier

Other Awards

For 30 continuous years of participation and fundraising for ESNB through Snowarama:

2012 Club Autoneige Neguac

In recognition of outstanding volunteer board service to ESNB:

2011 Phyllis Brisee

In recognition of outstanding efforts during the 2009 Easter Seals Paper Egg Campaign:

2009 Terry Morehouse

In recognition of the Development of Adaptation of Assistive Technology for Persons Living with a Disability in NB:

2008 Tom Sisk