Personal Services Program (PSP)

What is the Personal Services Program?

By filling the gaps not covered by other agencies, Easter Seals NB Personal Services Program is a great offering to its clients. These personal services include long-term loans of mobility and adaptive equipment. 

How it Works

  • Referrals from health professionals are addressed on an individual basis by a client coordinator to determine need and appropriateness.
  • Each clients information is treated confidentially and requests are responded to in a timely fashion.
  • A large inventory of recyclable rehabilitation equipment is maintained and loaned on a long term basis to eligible clients.


  • Offers the first contact for persons with disabilities.
  • Provides long-term loans of equipment, financial aid for non-reusable items such as orthopedic shoes and occasional loans to purchase devices.
  • Assists with funding for medical or rehabilitation related transportation.
  • Accepts referrals from occupational, speech or physio-therapists, VON or public health nurses, extra-mural hospital staff or physicians.

Letter To Clients

Personal Services Program Equipment Loan Letter (PSP REIL)