Assistive Technology Program

What is the Assistive Technology Program?

ESNB loans assistive technology to people with a disability for assessment purposes and long term loans. The primary goal of the Assistive Technology Program is to provide clients with the opportunity to trial the recommended technology before purchasing.

The technology they use allows clients to communicate with family, friends, and the community at large; it promotes speech, helps the deaf and hard of haring, assists people with a learning disability and clients with neuro-muscular limitations or chronic illness and people with other disabilities. Assistive Technology provides solutions for students in the classroom to learn and clients at work to be able to perform their duties. 

This program, in combination with the New Brunswick Easter Seals’ Assistive Technology Lending Bank, was established to provide trial equipment and evaluation tools, for client assessment purposes, to various education and health-care professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Methods & Resource Teachers, Speech & Language Pathologists, etc. Clients are asked to make a donation to support the program; their ability to make a donation will not affect their access to services. 

This program allows all students with exceptionalities to receive necessary assistive aids and specialized electronics like voice output communication devices, environmental controls, alternative computer access methods, literacy tools and software systems, and will also, upon request, provide consultation services and training support to any school in the province.

To take advantage of this program or for more information, please contact Oliver Barrientos via email or by telephone at: (506) 458-8739.

How it Works

Easter Seals NB offers an Equipment Assessment Loans Bank that gives persons with disabilities a chance to evaluate and/or use rehabilitative devices. All our assessments are supervised by a health professional in the appropriate field of expertise.

  • Arranges short-term loans of equipment for assessment by individual and health professionals
  • Provides a chance to try before you buy equipment

For those disabled persons wishing to access the assistive technology assessment bank, and who do not take part in the public school system here in New Brunswick, may have equipment loaned to them for a period of two months and are asked to pay a nominal fee of thirty-six dollars to help keep the program running as effectively as possible.

For more information Contact Us.


Easter Seals NB has undergone a review of service delivery.  As a result of this review, we are in the process of making some changes to the Assistive Technology Program. 

All clients wanting to borrow assistive technology from ESNB must complete Part 1 and Part 2 application forms. Once completed, they must be submitted by fax (506-457-2863) or emailed to the Client Coordinator at:

If you need help determining what type of equipment or program is the most appropriate for your client, you may contact the Assistive Technology Facilitator at 

This process will provide fair and equitable access to services for all clients, and ensure ESNB can track equipment that is loaned.