Abilities Program

Easter Seals Abilities Program: development through recreation


The Easter Seals Abilities program is a Youth Recreation Program, created to introduce youth with disabilities to a variety of recreational activities. For participants, the program will build a sense of team work, cooperation and accomplishment along with providing an opportunity to exercise and socialize with peers.  They will be exposed to a wide range of activities that will challenge them in different ways. The program will concentrate on developing independence while promoting good physical and mental health.  


Starting in the fall and running into late spring, the participants will begin the first week by going through a “getting to know you” exercise and discussions around the types of activities they would like to try. The Abilities program is designed to provide a safe environment to explore new activities with others who have similar challenges and abilities.

All endeavors will have a demonstration component wherein each youth will watch and learn and then take part. The participants are expected to engage in the activity three times so they can truly decide if they would like to undertake the activity again through the program, or with family and friends.   Each youth is encouraged to try every activity that is introduced, taking on the challenge and overcoming fears.  How do you know if you are an Olympic skier if you have never tried to ski? 


  • For youth to experience a variety of accessible recreational activities
  • Encourage the participants to discover abilities within themselves
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop independence through accomplishment
  • Introduce participants to several sports and/or activities
  • Create a team environment where the participants support each other to try new things and work hard
  • Develop enough ground work that the participants will go on to continue the activities on their own time


Open to pre-teens and teens and young adults
Those living with a physical disability (encouraged to bring a friend or family member.)
Start Date: contact Easter Seals toll-free at 1 (888) 280-8155