Adapted Toy Library

We now have many new types of wonderful toys available!

Loan Procedure

  • We loan our toys for three months at a time; this loan can be renewed at any time beforehand and exchanged for another toy, unless no other toys are available.
  • To request an item, please click here to contact us
  • The child's name, medicare number, and other contact information are required.
  • Please indicate an alternate choice if the toy you want is not available.
  • We will arrange the shipment of the toy to any New Brunswick address, but it is your responsibility to return the toy to our office at the end of the loan period.
  • We can only lend one toy per person at a time.

Toys Available

Baby Elephant

Baby elephant will walk, move his ears and make elephant sounds when you activate your capability switch. He is a great animal friend to own. Note: Requires 2 C Batteries. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Baby Brontosaurus

This little purple monster makes dinosaur sounds and waves it’s head around. Works with any single switch.

Sing N Snore Ernie

Single switch activated toy. This Sesame Street veteran will make you yawn for sure…but not because he’s boring, though.

Buzz Lightyear

Single switch activated toy. This Buzz Lightyear says a variety of one liners when it’s switch is pressed. It also lights up when he talks.

Penguin Roller Coaster

You don’t have to travel to the South Pole to see these adorable little penguins climb to the top of their iceberg and swoosh down the slide to the bottom. Requires Capability Switch and 1 D Battery.

Pudgy Piglet

He walks, wags his tail, wrinkles his nose, and oinks to his heart’s delight! Note: Requires Capability Switch and 2 C Batteries.

Tickle Me Ernie

Single switch activated toy. This soft, lovable & huggable toy is perfect for teaching cause and effect to your child. The cuddly plush toy giggles and shakes with joy when activated by a switch or by touching his belly.

Waddle Quaddle the Penguin

Single switch activated toy. Waddle Quaddle flutters his wings, waddles and will talk to you in penguin language.

Walking Dino

Single switch activated toy. The dino walks, moves head, and roars. Soft and cuddly also. (3 years & up)

LED Cube

Just press and hold your capability switch and be rewarded with 64 LEDs in an animated 3D light show with music. The cube’s ever changing patterns are mesmerizing and exciting. Also works without a switch. Requires AC Transformer (included). NOTE: Not to be used with seizure prone individuals.

CD Walkman

A portable CD player that can be easily operated by your switch! The CD function starts and pauses with each switch activation. AM/FM radio function is not switch-adapted. (Not available for momentary switch operations.) Note: Requires Capability Switch and 2 AA Batteries.


Pressing the large red button on the front of this toy sends the balls tumbling around while music plays, lights shine and the unit vibrates. Can be activated with an external capability switch (not included).

Space Encounter

Activate the outer rim anywhere and encounter shooting, multi-coloured lights flashing inside the large frosted dome, exciting music, spaceship sounds, and vibration. It spins on a Lazy Susan base.

See & Say with Base: Animals

This adapted version of the classic toy is mounted on a base and angled for easy access. The special T-shaped handle is easy to grasp and activates the messages. Easy to mount on tabletops with a c-clamp.

Wooly Sheep

This soft and cuddly sheep walks and wobbles, moves her head and cries Baa. Note: Requires Capability Switch and 2 C Batteries. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Teacup Terrier

She’s sure to win your heart - just look at how cute she is! Watch her skip and bark for your attention. Requires capability switch and 2 AA batteries. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

Pinky Piglet

Cute and cuddly, this little gal will provide your child with hours of fun as she wiggles about! Capability switch required. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.


This pet is pretty in pink! Watch her walk and bark. She’ll cuddle in your child’s lap and provide hours of fun! Not recommended for children under 3 years old. Note: Capability switch required.

Floppy Bunny

Cute and cuddly, this little guy will provide your child with hours of fun as he hops about! Capability switch required. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Donkey Pal

Watch him walk and make sounds. He’ll provide your child with hours of fun! Capability switch required. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Crocodile Allie

Watch out, because Allie just might grab at your heartstrings! She walks and growls for attention, but you can’t resist her cuteness! She’ll provide your child with hours of fun! Capability switch required. Not recommended for children under 3 years old.

Musical Top

This colourful, musical top has been specially-adapted with a built-in motor, so it needs no pushing or winding. Easily activated by any of the Enabling Devices capability switches. Note: Requires Capability Switch and 2 C Batteries.

Johnny Coupe Car

Press the arrows or rim on the adorable happy face controller and watch your car take off and speed about the room. When the car moves forward, right or left, the head lights turn on; when it goes in reverse, the red tail lights turn on.


Activate the brightly coloured 5 (12.7 cm) squishy pads to see blinking multi-coloured lights, hear musical tunes and the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme, feel vibration, and watch the glitter dome with items spin about. (Each sensory activation plays separately from 7 to 18 seconds.) The gooshy pad is a great tactile experience for all. The squishy fluid moves through the center and goes back and forth when you push or pound it, giving you great visual and tactile effects.

Fridge DJ

Features a multisensory learning experience that encourages the discovery of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and children’s songs through upbeat music. The numbers and letters light up visually reinforcing learning. Can be use with or without a switch.

Finger Isolation Busy Box

To activate a response an individual has to purposefully press the recessed buttons with his or her finger. Upon activation, the 5 colourful buttons produce an assortment of stimulation including lights, vibration, music, and gentle breezes. Requires 2 C Batteries.

Colour Kaleidoscope

Watch the lights dance to classical music! Children can either grasp the handles or activate the bright tactile switches as they are introduced to primary and secondary colours in 3 languages (English, Spanish, French). This is a great toy to increase visual tracking, language and auditory development, and color identification. Requires 3 AA Batteries.

Castle Music Box

Activate your capability switch and the King and Queen will dance around the castle while a lullaby plays. Requires Capability Switch and 2 AA Batteries.

Busy Gears

Connect a capability switch and the brightly coloured gears play music and entertain you with a light show. The gears are interchangeable, which make it easy to create your own designs. Requires Capability Switch and 3 AA Batteries.

All That Glitters

Children will love exploring this spectacular multi-dome activity center. The slightest pressure on any corner will reward the user with lights, vibration, music, and flying beads and glitter. A delightful center for visual, auditory and tactile awakening.

Air-tivity Ball Popper

Powered by air! Activate your switch and watch the colourful balls pop up and then follow them down the track. Hear silly sound effects and 8 lively songs which play up to 25 - 40 seconds. Runs for 20 - 30 seconds after switch activation. Requires Capability Switch and 4 D Alkaline Batteries.

5 Function Activity Center

This fun-filled activity centre provides five stations for somatosensory stimulation: a bright yellow plate activates a radio, a large red plate vibrates when pressed, a wooden roller sounds a buzzer, a pull-ball turns on a music box, and a large orange plate turns on a bright light. Each of the switch plates has been designed to enhance sensory awareness. (Requires 2 C Batteries).

Matching Picture Lotto Bingo

Perfect for beginning readers! Designed to assist young children with word recognition. Push the yellow 2 (6.3 cm) button to scan the board for the right match. To select the correct one, release the switch and the light will lock in place. When all 9 lights are lit you have won the game! (The blue button is for correcting mistakes and for restarting the game.) Includes 2 jacks so you can operate the game with your own capability switches. Includes 4 reversible playing cards.

Sleepy Dreams Dora

Press your capability switch and Dora will sing a lullabye and say bedtime phrases in both English and Spanish. Dora is soft and cuddly and when you lay her down her eyes close, pick her up and they open. Includes “My Bedtime Adventure” book and hairbrush.

Sponge Bob Bubble Blower

Interactive bubble play! Activate your capability switch and thousands of bubbles will be blown by your favorite characters. Dora, Diego and Sponge Bob come with a special character bubble wand and four ounces of bubble solution. Works with or without a capability switch.

Spin & Go Police Car

Drive the police car! Press the green button on the large, easy-to-use remote and the police car will go in the direction that the policeman faces. Press the yellow button when you want him to stop.