April 22 2022

 “Sledge hockey is Hockey, and anyone should be able to participate in Canada’s game.  It’s the right thing to do.” - Brad Mundle

On Wednesday March 30th, 2022, Brad Mundle recieved the 2021 Merit Award for outstanding volunteer support in the development of Sledge Hockey in Moncton.

(Julia Latham, Executive Director: ESNB, Brad Mundle, Lieutenant Governor Brenda L. Murphy)


The Abilities Program in Moncton started with a partnership with Moncton Minor Hockey.  Moncton Minor Hockey put Brad Mundle’s name forward to Easter Seals NB, as a competent and reliable volunteer who would take care of the sledge hockey program. 8 years later he is still organising, communicating, and arranging all the sessions for sledge hockey in Moncton.  Brad pushed the game as an inclusive sport in which people of all abilities could participate.  He organised sessions on a weekly basis, adjusted the sledges regularly to fit the participants, and recruited more volunteers to support the growth of the sport.  Even through the last two years of Covid, when getting together wasn’t easy and many of sledge players were nervous, Brad continued to keep the sessions going and kept sledge alive.  The addition of their own sledges and fake ice made it easier for those attending to get on and off the ice.  Having their own sledges meant that people could try the sport before committing. We are honoured to recognize Brad Mundle for his efforts. 


"As for the camp itself, I know that this is the best experience of some peoples’ lives - learning to overcome challenges, and enjoying a camp experience is so very important.  Knowing that I have played however small a part in seeing the camp continue to flourish for years to come is brilliant and humbling at the same time, and I have been glad to play my part, and look forward to continuing the work this spring, and beyond" - Phil O'Connell Cooper


On Wednesday March 30th, 2022, Phil O'Connell Cooper recieved the 2021 Merit Award for Recognition of service to Camp Rotary.

(Julia Latham, Executive Director: ESNB, Phil O'Connell-Cooper, Lieutenant Governor Brenda L. Murphy)


Phil first became involved with Camp Rotary in 2017, and when Charlie Guitard asked him if he could help with some electrical tasks, he grabbed his electrical tools, and made his way to Grand Lake. Since then, there is not a building, or area around camp that Phil has not helped improve. From: re-siding buildings, tearing down and rebuilding decks, fixing foundational issues, sorting out electrical and plumbing problems, levelling floors, painting walls, replacing floors, you get the idea. Phil arrived early in the morning and left after supper. 

There are two projects in particular that stand out to Phil, the total remodeling of Charlie’s Diner, and building aptly named MegaDeck.

- Charlie’s Diner was an all-encompassing project, which started in the winter with fixing leaks in the roof, and ended with jacking up the building and replacing the roof. A job Phil is proud of.
- The building of a deck to connect three buildings with accessible ramps, steps, and a couple of bridges with a family of gnomes living underneath. We know the campers (and counsellors) enjoy it immensely.

We are honoured to recognize Phil for his continuous service. 


Lou MacNarin School is presented with the 2021 Merit Award for Promoting Inclusive Practices 

(Julia Latham ESNB Executive Director, Dino Dibonaventuram: VP Lou MacNarin, Rhonda Rubin-: ASD-E, ESNB Board Vice-President) 


The Lou MacNarin School is the 2021 recipient of the Award of Merit for promoting inclusive practices in your school. The installation of the communication board on the pkayground helps all children communicate with each other. The sensory path built at the school encourages all children to enjoy movement and creates a play area where all children can socialize. 

We are honoured to recognize Lou MacNarin School for their continued efforts to be an inclusive educational environment. 

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