Repair Service for Rehabilitation Equipment

At the hub of Easter Seals NB SD and PSP programs you will find the Recycling workshop. Co-ordinating with requests from these programs, the Recycling Workshop provides refurbished and modified equipment which is then shipped to our clients throughout New Brunswick.

How it works

We receive rehabilitation equipment from our clients and other various sources through our SD and PSP programs. Once our labour process is complete, we label the equipment with identifications for tracking and put it in our system.

Through Easter Seals NB, SD and PSP clients request a diversity of rehabilitation equipment. The Recycling workshop provides for the client by repairing, modifying and restoring these pieces, which are then shipped to the client.

The equipment, once no longer required by the client, is returned to Recycling Workshop. The process starts all over again to recycle the equipment so it can be provided to one of the other many persons in need.

The labours of the Recycling Workshop are a vital part of Easter Seals NB organization. We currently have approximately 15,000 pieces of equipment circulating throughout New Brunswick.


  • Repair service workshop for rehabilitation equipment
  • Return, house and ship equipment
  • Labour, repair and maintain equipment
  • Track equipment through our identification system