Fall Mail 2020

November 12 2020

Easter Seals NB and the Rotary Club of Fredericton are pleased to announce that we have finalized the  transfer by the Fredericton Rotary Club Charitable Trust of the Camp Rotary facilities and operations at Grand Lake to Easter Seals NB.  

How did we get here? Let us tell you…  

Camp Rotary was originally operated as a therapeutic recreation centre for children with physical  disabilities. The first camp was held for three weeks in the summer of 1952, with 18 boys attending. The farmhouse on the property was the only building.  

As Camp Rotary grew, additions and improvements were made: the facility now includes a campus of  camper cabins, common buildings, and activity areas. The camp now offers a host of summertime  activities for children, youth and adults of any ability level.  

These improvements were made possible through donations from the local Rotary Clubs,  from local businesses, from organizations, from governments, and from individuals, like you! 

Rotary members and volunteers alone could not run the camp. The Rotary Club entered a formal  operating agreement with Easter Seals NB in 1972. For the last 48 years, Easter Seals NB oversaw the  day-to-day operations of the camp and enhanced programming while the Rotary Club focused on  maintenance and keeping the camp in good working order. This partnership has allowed the camp to  flourish.  

Today, we have a facility of which both organizations can be justly proud. However, the membership of  the Rotary Club of Fredericton has been steadily declining, and the few remaining members have found  that a commitment to maintaining Camp Rotary on a continuing basis is too onerous a responsibility for  so few volunteers.  

Following discussions, the parties agreed that Easter Seals would take over ownership of Camp Rotary  property and operate it as has been done to date. The support and philosophy of Camp Rotary will be  ongoing, and improvements will be made to enhance both the facility and the programs being offered to  children, youth and adults with disabilities.  

This past summer, Covid-19 didn’t allow for a regular camping season. Instead, the Camp Rotary staff  focused on improving the camp by painting cabins, staining bunkbeds and cabin decks, renovating the  activities building and grooming the nature trails.  

Your charitable donation to this year’s campaign will support a nationally recognized leader  in accessible camping, with a fully bilingual program that impacts the lives of hundreds of  families in New Brunswick. 


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